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Storytime Schedule
10 Reasons to Attend Storytime
  1. Storytime develops a pattern of reading that will continue through school and into adulthood.
  2. Storytime enhances a child’s listening skills.
  3. Storytime introduces a child to a wide variety of experiences.
  4. Storytime helps prepare a child for learning to read.
  5. Storytime broadens a child’s vocabulary.
  6. Storytime improves and enriches the quality of a child’s life.
  7. Storytime helps a child to do well in school.
  8. Storytime provides fun and enjoyment.
  9. Storytime introduces a child to art through illustrations.
  10. Storyime provides inspiration through words.
Sharing Books at Home
  • Make it fun. Be enthusiastic about reading!
  • Every room in the home should contain reading material. Read as often as possible.
  • Choose books on topics that interest your child.
  • Take time to talk about the pictures. Have your child identify objects.
  • Run your finger under the words so that your child can make a connection between the letters and the words.
  • Read their favorite books over and over.
  • Minimize distractions. Turn off the TV and radio.
  • Make it a habit. Find a special time to read together everyday.
  • Let your child see you reading books and magazines.