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The ILL system utilizes the Texas Group Catalog to place ILL requests through WorldCat Navigator. This interface allows you, as a resident, to request items using your Irving Public Library card barcode and PIN number. The ILL system integrates with our local computer system to provide a single library account for all of your holds, notices and checkouts--including ILL items. Your library card account must be in good standing in order to place an ILL request.
Tips for Successful ILL Requests

1. Choose the title with the most owning libraries to have a better chance of obtaining the book.

2. Do not request New books -- most libraries will not loan these.

3. Do not request DVDs or CDs -- these will be cancelled.

4. Do not enter a "Need By" date earlier than about 3 weeks in the future.

ILL Navigator Problems?
"Unrecognized User" / Can't Log in

Possible reasons:
• Overdue items or bills
• Too many holds
• New/replaced library card#
• Library card expired
• Not an Irving resident
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Interlibrary Loan Service
Interlibrary loan (ILL) allows us to borrow books for you from other libraries throughout Texas and the United States. Important Note: ILL items are subject to the policies, procedures, fines, fees, and charges of the lending libraries.

ILL privileges are available through Irving Public Library for Irving residents only. Up to 10 active ILL requests are allowed. Non-resident library card holders will need to initiate ILL requests through their home library.

How to Place an ILL Request

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Please check the Irving Public Library catalog before requesting materials through ILL. Requests for items owned by Irving Public Library will be cancelled.

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  • Search for material by title, author or subject in the Texas Group Catalog using the basic default search or the Advanced Search.

  • Refine your results list by clicking a format, author, year, language, content, audience, or topic in the left-hand navigation bar.

  • When you find the item you wish to request, click on the title.

  • Check to be sure that Irving Public Library does not appear in the results list as owning the title.

  • Click on the Request Item button below the blue “Find a copy” bar.

  • Choose Irving Public Library from the drop-down list. Note that you should check the "Keep me logged in" box unless you are on a public computer.

  • Click Continue and log in with your library card number and PIN.

  • On the Request This Item screen, complete all required fields and include any Patron Instructions.

  • Select a pickup location.

  • You must include an e-mail address if you want to be notified about cancelled items.

  • Click Continue to submit your request.

  • Your ILL requests can be reviewed by logging in to My Requests once you are on the Texas Group page. This option is found under the top-left Texas Group Catalog link.

Please note that ILL materials may take two to six weeks to arrive.

If you have questions about your request, contact the ILL Office at 972-721-4629.

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Place an ILL request
FAQ for ILL requests
How many books may I request?
You may have up to 10 active items at one time. This includes interlibrary loan items that are currently checked out to you as well as ones on request.

How long does it take to receive an ILL book?
It usually takes from two to six weeks to receive a book through interlibrary loan.

How long may I keep an ILL book?
The lending library specifies the check-out period. It usually ranges from two to four weeks.

May I renew my ILL book?
That depends on the policy of the lending library. The paper wrapper on the book should indicate if renewals are not permitted. To request a renewal, contact the ILL Office.

What materials may NOT be borrowed?
New books published within the last 6 months, books already in our collection (including reference books), rare books, most genealogy books, most dissertations and theses, audiovisual items, and entire issues of periodicals.

May I request a DVD or CD through ILL?
No. Only books, articles and microfilm may be borrowed through ILL. We do not process requests for DVDs, videos, CDs or other audiovisual items.

How do I request a journal article?
When you have searched and selected your journal title, the request form has a box for Patron Instructions. Enter the citation details here.

May I request items from other countries?
You may only request items from libraries within the United States.

Contact the ILL Office
ILL Office: 801 W. Irving Blvd., Irving, TX 75060
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone: (972) 721-4629
Fax: (972) 721-4771
TExpress: 116 DAL